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Plastic or Brass fittings which are better

Plastic or Brass fittings, which are better?

There is a huge variety of products available in the market that help you choose between brass or plastic fittings for PEX piping. Though there are a lot of options to fulfill your need for plumbing fittings, there are certain factors that you need to consider while choosing one for you. For example, the cost, ease of installation, and quality should be your main concerns while choosing between brass or plastic pipes. It is always important to do some research or consult with professionals like Premium Plumbers to make sure you are making the right choice. Otherwise, you may end up choosing the wrong material that can cost you extra expense of repair or replacement. In this blog, we will discuss what brass or plastic fittings are, their advantages and disadvantages, and which one is suitable for you.

What are plastic fittings?

Plastic fittings are made up of polyethylene or PEX material that makes them more compatible with the PEX tubing. Plastic fittings are an ideal choice for both professionals or DIY lovers as they are inexpensive and easy to handle. Besides this, plastic fittings come in various shapes, and sizes including connectors, tees, couplings, and elbows.

What are brass fittings?

Brass fittings are made up of a mixture of a brass alloy that is a combination of copper and zinc. This combination makes the brass fittings durable and corrosion resistant. These fittings are best to use in commercial or industrial applications due to their reliability and strength. These fittings have more power of weather resistance and can tolerate harsh temperatures.

Plastic Fittings: Advantages and Disadvantages

Plastic fittings have some advantages and some disadvantages that we will discuss here. Some advantages of plastic fittings include:

  • Budget-friendly

Plastic fittings are more economical or affordable as compared to brass fittings. This makes them the best choice for those who don’t have a large budget or are budget conscious.

  • Lightweight

Plastic fittings are easy to install due to their lightweight and easy handling.

  • Corrosion resistance

Plastic fittings are best for areas with more moisture as they are corrosion free and have a longer lifespan.

  • Flexibility

PEX plastic fittings are flexible that makes them suitable for places where some movement or expansion is expected.

  • Freeze resistance

Plastic fittings are also a best option for areas with freezing temperatures as they can expand and contract. This property saves them from cracking or bursting.

Disadvantages of plastic fittings

Some disadvantages of plastic fittings include:

  • Lower pressure and temperature rating

Plastic fittings are not suitable for places which demand high temperature or high pressure as these are smaller in width and have inherent material limitations.

  • Less strength

Plastic fittings are not best for heavy-duty applications as their strength is far less than the brass fittings.

Brass Fittings: Advantages and Disadvantages

As plastic fittings, brass fittings also bear some advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages of brass fittings include:

  • Superior strength

Brass fittings are suitable for places with high temperature and high pressure due to their strength and durability. 

  • Longevity

Brass fittings are more durable and have a longer lifespan than the plastic fittings. So, these are best for a long time investment.

  • Fire resistance

One of the best features of brass fittings include fire-resistance. So, they are completely safe to use at any place.

  • Wide range of applications

Brass fittings are best for both residential or commercial use as they are durable and offer more strength.

Disadvantages of brass fittings

Some disadvantages of brass include:

  • Higher cost

Brass fittings are usually more expensive than the plastic fittings which increases the cost of the whole project.

  • Susceptible to corrosion

Brass can sometimes corrode when it comes in contact with acidic water or some chemicals despite being corrosion resistant.

Which fittings are suitable for which place?

Keeping in mind the properties and features of plastic and brass fittings, it is easy to choose the one that suits your place. But here is a guide on which fittings are suitable for which place.

  1. Plastic fittings

Plastic fittings are best for residential projects where strength is not the major priority. Besides this, plastic fittings are the best option for places with less temperature and pressure. Plastic fittings can also be used in budget-friendly projects where corrosion is one of the main concerns as plastic is completely corrosion free.

  1. Brass fittings

Brass fittings can be used for both residential or commercial projects which have high temperature and high pressure. They are usually recommended for heavy-duty applications, and critical installation which include high-rise buildings, areas with aggressive water conditions, and for industrial setups. 


So, the decision to choose between plastic or brass fittings for PEX piping depends upon the certain requirements of the place or the project. Consider the environment, budget, and plumbing demands of the place that you are working on, and make the right choice. You can also contact professionals like Premium Plumbers to not only provide PEX piping fitting but to give you suggestions on which material will be suitable for your project.

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